My journey into the world of trading started in 2009 when I discovered matched betting via the money saving expert forum. Prior to this I had never really been a betting man; the only betting I had ever done was once a year on the Grand National!!! After 6 months of matched betting I had managed to make around £1000 pounds.

Then at the beginning of 2010 I stumbled on a couple of forums discussing sports trading, and I though I would give it a go; like everybody else starting out I thought it was a quick and easy way to make some extra money; this proved to be a very wrong assumption. Initially, during the first few months of trading I build up my bank quickly, mainly trading football and a small amount of tennis. However, as time went on I made mistakes, took risks and ultimately became undisciplined. After my initial success I treaded water for a year or so, not really making money, but not really losing. I had a break for about a year and did other things, but I also studied more about discipline and the mental aspects of trading.

Around April 2013 I started trading small amounts again; and I am hoping to be more successful this time around. I also hope to update my blog more frequently and discuss the reasons behind my trades, rather than just presenting results!!!

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