Saturday, 3 September 2016

Where to start (Day 4 Horse Trading - Friday)

Morning Folks,

Well yesterday can only be described as a disaster. I think also, looking back, it was extermely frustrating. I lost big yesterday as I made one stupid mistake and then tried to chase the lose. Believe it or not I didn't even go into play.

The first 4 races of the day, no problem, I traded really well. Then I traded the 14:45 at Haydock Park. It was a 6f Maiden stakes and Frankie Dettori was the favouirte , I was trading on the second favourite. I gained a couple of ticks and then went back into a second trade with about 3 minutes to go and yes, you guested it the trade went against me quickly. However, I didn;t painc I tried to hedge out for £1 loss, but the money went through that before I had time to hedge out. When the odds stopped I was looking at a £5 loss. The odds then bounced back up slightly and I thought the odds would come back as people were backing Dettori, so I stayed in, big mistake. Then as the horses were loading up Dettori's horse started refusing and playing up!!! Well that just hurt me even more and during the delay to the start of the race, more and more people starting backing the second favourite and just before the start of the race I was £18 down. The only good point, was I did hedged out, finally and did not go in-play!!!!!

I was annoyed and frustrated with myself, and I know at this point many people have said you should take a break, but I didn't and I proceeded to start doing stupid straight betting on horses to try and make the money back......why, I have never done that before!!!!

A few races later and I had lost around £75 down!!!!

I then gave myself a good talking too and then tried to knuckled down and get back to it and traded beautifully for the rest of the day....Arghhhhhh why could I not do that all day.

Could it have been overconfidence after two good days of trading, before yesterday. Well it was a serious kick up the arse.

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